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Hi, lately I tried and really enjoyed the ride in a 2007 EOS. I have been recommended on this forum to go with the models 2009 and up. I have been searching on various forums and I can't believe the horror stories I have read from owners. Mind you most were directed to MY 2007-2008. But occasionnally you hear a 2010-2011 owners still complaining of flood and the battle some have with the dealer and VW. What % of owners of 2009+ do have complains? I don't mind the minor inconvenients but major problems I can stay away with. Tell me it is not the rule please. Specially that I live 60 miles from the VW dealer. Thanks.

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The only problems we've had with our '09 were a misbehaving fuel filler door switch and a twisted seat belt, which were both promptly fixed by the dealer. Aside from those two issues, we've only had the car in for the three Carefree Maintenance services.

No leaks or any issues with the roof. Admittedly, we only have 18K miles on the car, and it's always garaged. I'm also diligent about keeping the seals lubricated with Krytox.

Looking at chat sites will give you a skewed look at a car - generally only folks with problems will post, not the people who are happy. Surveys that poll all owners will give you a better picture, such as J D Powers, Edmunds, etc.

2009+ improved seals or not, there's no getting around the fact that an Eos roof is one complicated piece of machinery. Just in case, we bought the extended warranty that covers the mechanism. I also have the Bentley shop manual and won't be afraid to use it.

To me getting the 2009 or newer TSI 2.0 turbo motor is most important, as it has a bunch of improvements over the older FSI motor. No timing belt to worry about, improved high pressure fuel pump system, and a no-mess oil filter on top.
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