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London to Brighton EOSATHON Part II

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Well guys, as far as I know, this never did go ahead and I think it was a real missed opportunity.

Would anybody be interested in getting this going again?

I propose a Saturday or Sunday towards the middle or end of September and probably starting off early in the morning at say 8.30am.

Once in Brighton (and after the mandatory cruise of the seafront ;) ) we could then have lunch somewhere (we could pre-arrange a restaurant) and then cruise back towards London before breaking off in chunks to head home.

Please let other members know if you would be up for this meet and perhaps we could put it together.

Cheers all
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good idea Gavster. Iam in Windsor so it wouldnt be too much of a phaf to get to Brighton. Would we arrange a place to meet and then all travel down 2gether? If so where do you suggest?
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