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After the second visit of my EOS with VW to fix leaks (first visit almost cured it, only was left with probably an adjustment problem for right side front window, so took it back and they replaced the engine for the window and adjusted as well), the sync in between both side mirrors did not work any more (when one adjusts driver's side mirror, the other side would move in sync, so one does not have to perform two sets of adjustments)... Drove back to the VW shop, and they actualy figured out that, when changing the window engine on one side, they need to reprogram the mirrors with a code they need to get, live while connected, from VW germany central repair shop... And it takes a few seconds to reprogram, but hours to get VW Germany to pick up the phone.... All in all it works now.
Thought this could be useful information ,should others end up losing mirror sync...
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