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Lowering standard sport with 18" chicargos

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i have a standard sport with 18" chicargos
i think the 'lowered' suspension on the sport 17" car looks better
why isnt it lowered when you have 18" wheels? surely as they are lower profile tyres the diameter is the same?
can i fit or change to the vw sprinsg of a standard sport
i dont want to make the ride any firmer just get rid of the jacked up look
eibach looks the best option, anybody done this?
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Mine goes in on Thursday to have the Eibach springs fitted.

I will post before and after pics.

thanks i look forward to the pics
are you doing it for looks or handling?
i agree totally it looks to high!
all i want to do is make it look like a standard sport with 17" wheels and the lowered suspension (about 15mm)
god knows why its not lowered when you add chicargos?
have you enquired as to fitting oem springs?
by having the 18" wheels you harden the ride as you have less tyre to take the bumps. so not lowering ... is a way of giving you some ride comfort back ... thats a guess ! ??

having said that mine is low enough ..
except the brochure says it isnt lowered but still stiffened
with the reply about OZ cars having 18" and lowered now i am really confused
good point as i said it is a guess ..however i looked all over ...and there is no anser i can see ???:confused: now i really what to know ... it cant be anything to do with the little black plastic bits fitted with the chicargos?

They are not fitted with any other wheels as far as i can see .
a! is that the little black bits sticking out just beyond the arches? my previous 06 plate had chicargos but not them.
maybe its not down to the diameter of the wheel/tyre combo but the width hence the plastic strips to stop spray on wider wheels?
anybody know the width of the 17" and 18" wheels?
can members measure the gap between the tyre and the arch
be interesting to see the actual distance and the variation from country and wheel size
especially an OZ car
if its much better then maybe a oem coil would be the way to go to keep the waranty
my gap is 60mm all round and tyres are almost new using a ruler flat accross the centre of the tyre.
overall diameter of the wheel/tyre is about 635mm
i have spoke to vw technical this morning to query why the sport with 18" wheels are not lowered
i was told there is NO technical reason it is just the specification of UK models!
Mine goes in on Thursday to have the Eibach springs fitted.

I will post before and after pics.

come on we are waiting :D
This is all very interesting. My sport has 18" Chicagos and when I collected it from the dealer yesterday I asked him about lowering on the Sport. He said that as far as he was aware the cars was still lowered with sports suspension even with Chicago 18".

Is he right?
NO he is not right!
and a pain it is too
seems uk may be only region not to get lowering yet there is no reason why
i have asked the local parts depo to look into the difference between a factory sport with and without chicargos
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