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Lowering the Eos....

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Is it just me or does the standard Eos look as if it has the same amount of gap between tyre and wheel arch as a Taureg? They just look so pumped up like there gonna go off road.

Even those model with 18" wheel dont seem to look any different. I realize they need to make the ride comfortable but BMW seem able to give there cars a more sporty look in standard guise.

Has anyone here succesfully dropped there Eos down a bit, any pictures. Ive ordered mine with westwoods and I just want it to look standard, minus the huge gap so it looks a little lower, which would give it a more stretched look over all as it is a bit stumpy I think out of the box.

Is this something VW can offer, i.e. a sport suspention pack, so as not to void warrenty??

Thanks for any input.
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i agree!
the sport drops it a bit but if you have 18" chicargos you dont get the drop
been looking into ebach springs for around £150 that lower about 1" and looks much more sporty
but dont want to ruin ride :) ebach says it dosnt plus improves acceleration as reduces spin
still waiting for someone else to try though :D
I have the Eibach springs fitted, they lower 24mm front and 20mm rear. The car looks much better and the ride is barely affected. Speed bumps feel a bit harsher but thats about it.
can we have some pics please
seriously thinking of this if i keep the car :D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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