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Lowering the Eos....

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Is it just me or does the standard Eos look as if it has the same amount of gap between tyre and wheel arch as a Taureg? They just look so pumped up like there gonna go off road.

Even those model with 18" wheel dont seem to look any different. I realize they need to make the ride comfortable but BMW seem able to give there cars a more sporty look in standard guise.

Has anyone here succesfully dropped there Eos down a bit, any pictures. Ive ordered mine with westwoods and I just want it to look standard, minus the huge gap so it looks a little lower, which would give it a more stretched look over all as it is a bit stumpy I think out of the box.

Is this something VW can offer, i.e. a sport suspention pack, so as not to void warrenty??

Thanks for any input.
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I have the sport package and the 18s, the pack looks good with not much wheel gap.. The front I can fit 3 1/2 fingers between the wheel and the gap.. Not as nice as BMW but not monster truck gap..
Can these eibach springs be done through VW so as not to raise any warentee issues?
As soon as you change out the springs on your car you will void the entire warranty with respect to the suspension. That means if you have strut issues, etc (even though you havent swapped those) then the parts and labor will not be covered by warranty. I've seen this happen far too many times before.. Just my $0.02
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