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LSD Doors allow comfortable access to enter and exit the vehicle with or without lifting the doors to the vertical position.

EOS 06-12


The LSD door system consists of a specific door hinge which initially opens the factory door 30 degrees outwards, like a common car door and then upwards by the support of a gas shock with minimal effort.

The door opens in 2 steps:

Step 1: Open the door outwards as usual to a maximum angle of approximately 30 degrees. Allowing comfortable access to enter and exit the vehicle.

Step 2: Lift the door after reaching the opening angle of 30 degrees. This is done with ease as the door is supported by the gas shock to an angle of approximately 40 degrees.

The LSD door hinges are installed at the original mounting points of the dismantled factory hinges. A range of adjustability is built into each LSD door hinge for perfect alignment and operation. Additional features also include limits that prevent the doors from being open too far as well as avoiding contact of the rocker panel. Made in Germany

GO TO NOPI LSD Catalog for model specific details

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anyone ever is interested but ME ??? anyone knows any EOS with this KIT ??? im interested !!!
Since you seem to be very interested in this kit, why don't you install a set and let us know how you like it. Be sure to provide a nice DIY along the way with lots of pictures.

This style, as well as Gull Wing doors have been around for many, many years. Most likely, even before you were born.:) However, these kits have improved over the years and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out for you.

Keep us posted.

As a side note, unless you plan on keeping your Eos for a very long time or do not care what the resale value is at a later date, this may be a fun modification and the right thing for you to do.

However, it will definitely reduce the resale value, generally speaking, and will be a 100% loss factor as far as the kit's cost factor is concerned. And, if you pay someone to do the work for you, the labor cost will be another total loss.

If this is something you can afford to do, with the knowledge that there will be a huge resale loss, I say, "Go for it". After all, it's only money. :D

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