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Lug nut key needed

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Anyone know where I can get a 9 star spline lug
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nut key. Mine is missing from box.
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...and when you find the pick tool in the accessory box you will definitely need the coded lug nut adapter for one security bolt fitted to each wheel, which is in the same tool tray.
For DIY servicing brakes, pads, removing wheel liners etc , my wheels are on and off pretty often. If you don't have the hooked wire in the toolkit to pull off the black plastic covers you can make one. My wheels aren't anything special but I now have a set of 4 standard lug bolts which I might use to replace the keyed bolts, one fitted per wheel after pulling off the plastic covers. I also keep a threaded bar tool I found on Ebay. You remove the top lug bolt, screw it in by hand, then remove the others. The threaded bar holds the heavy wheel and makes putting it back aligned with the holes a lot easier.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts