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Manual shifting with DSG...

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This is kind of a whacko question. I'm wondering if there is any significant gas mileage increase (at least 1 MPG) by shifting the DSG by letting up on the gas pedal (especially from a start) similar to what you would do with a manual?

I've been fooling around with this technique the few days and it appears that this causes the transmission to upshift quicker than with steady pressure on the "go" pedal. It seems to be most effective for the 1st 3 gears only.

To do this effectively, it requires a light touch on the gas pedal or the transmission will down shift.
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I don't think it makes much diffence... You don't want to change too early as iff you strain the engine, you will just burn more fuel anyway!
It may not increase your MPG, but a light lift of the throttle will, IMHO, cause less wear and tear on the transmission components. I've used this technique even on regular (non-DSG/non-manumatic,tiptronic..etc) transmission - a light lift off the throttle when you know the transmission's about to shift allows the gear change to occur with less harshness.

Folks who have driven cars with aging transmission and whose transmissions are slipping are well versed in this technique! I milked another 2 years out of my Subaru's slipping transmission this way!

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