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MFA+multifunction steering wheel+Parrot

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Hi all,

I would like to know if there are someone with half display (MFA board computer and not MFA+) plus multifunction steering wheel plus Parrot bluetooth kit and with "Phone" button from steering wheel working?

If yes, how did you get access to "Radio Mode" menu in order to get "Phone" button working as you with MFA don't have access to MENUS?

Yes, I know I need also the Parrot Multican in order to comunicate with steering wheel.

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To one interested.

You can access with VAG-COM to 56-Radio and add +2 CAN-TELEPHONE at coding. Its explained in an small box that appear in code field.

I've half display, retrofited multifunction steering wheel and Parrot CK3000 Evolution with Parrot Multican in order to use steering wheel buttons. All buttons works, except the one to access MENU as we don't have MFA+.

Also, right buttons doesn't seek radio stations or change cd tracks, only show board computer options.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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