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MFD displaying Low Batt???

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Hi Folks,

Trying my luck here if anyone of you have seen the following warning on your MFD:

Low Batt
Start Engine Now

Seen it 2 times, once 4 months ago and another time 2 weeks ago and my batt died last week after just 1 year 1 mth. IThe display appear want I first crank and goes away a couple of sec after it's started.

Let me know if you have experience seeing it and know what's the meaning when it display it. Just hate the trouble to have a flat battery again.
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I've had this once when I was about to put the roof down. I think the engine was running at the time and when I tried the roof again it all worked normally. The car would have only been a month old and so the battery would have been in good nick. I just put it down to a phantom message.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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