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Hi All

I am currently considering buying a used 2006 EOS which comes with the MFD2 nav unit and Dynaudio. Car looks great, but I have two concerns with the audio set up

Issue 1: I'm currently driving a Mini Cooper S convertible with Harman Kardon setup. This is a little bass heavy and certainly not perfect, but delivers pretty decent clarity (at least for certain types of music). When test driving the EOS we didn't have a great variety of tracks, but the sound didn't impress. Most of the online reviews put the Dynaudio ahead of the Harman Kardon speakers. Music in the EOS sounded unusually top-heavy, and sometimes a little distorted (both on Radio and on CD, although Radio was worse, regardless of signal strength). The volume from the CD changer was also lower than the dash-mounted CD.

The non VW dealer we're sourcing from says it has recently received "security codes" from VW for the stereo following the battery being disconnected for a long period. I've seen a few threads on this and other forums about 'coding' a new VW head unit if you want to upgrade, which made me wonder - is there any way that the MFD2 has somehow reset itself and now doesn't know that it should be set up to work with the Dynaudio amp and speaker setup? :confused:

Issue 2 is much less important for the moment. However, I'd be interested to know whether the official VW touch bluetooth module will allow A2DP streaming via the AUX in with the MFD2. The adapter is pictured here: and referred to by Volkswagen here: The touch bluetooth module is the Volkswagen factory fit option, and has a button for A2DP streaming. Phone connects and is controlled by the bluetooth unit, but couldn't get any sound to come through the head unit on any of the "AUX" options.

I do hope not to have replicated any other threads (i've done a bit of searching) but apologies in advance if so.

Looking forward to being an active member of these forums going forwards!
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