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Mid grade 89 fuel...

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Anyone using regular or mid-grade 89 octane fuel in their 2.0T gas/petrol Eos? And if so, do you hear any pinging? So far, all I have used in mine is the 91 octane. I figure at a little over a buck extra a tank for 91 octane, it's cheap insurance from screwing up the engine with deposits.

Still, with the price of gas hitting new highs almost daily, it might be nice to have the option of burning slightly cheaper fuel. If I were to get into that game, I think I would only do it on road trips that involve very little stop and go driving.

We have a 99 Acura TL that recommends premium fuel, but sometimes on a road trip, we drop back and use 89 octane and have never had any pinging.
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We can only get 95 or 98 octane here in UK (as far as I am aware). I tend to mix them up a bit. I have a feeling that I get better mpg on the higher octane, premium, fuel (achieved 39.5mpg on a long run recently), but I haven't tested it properly. As you say, fuel costs just keep going up (there only seems to be one direction of travel, no matter what the crude price!).


Think octane ratings are different in the US. There is a thread on this going back a year or so.

Their 93 is our 97 or something like that..

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