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Mud Flaps On Eos

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Hi anyone got the VW mudflaps on thier Eos. If you have any chance of posting a pic, can`t find one anywhere to look at.

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There is another thread on here about mud flaps, do a search.
Let me try... They came with my car and I love them. They actually work!!

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definitely get it, I used to have to wash my car every week, because I can't stand black spots on my candy I can sustain for 2 weeks and my wah still holds up.
Deffinately worth it !

I have the chicago wheels and the moulded flaps fitted front and back and I think they just finish her of beautifully, plus you dont get as much mess over the body work ! Worth the £70 fitted ! Cant send a photo as away at moment but plan to take some decent shots of her this time home and post on website. Well at least I,ll try.
have them on the front only as thats were the mess comes from
prefer the look from behind(most peoples view) with the big wheels and tyres looking great
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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