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"multifunction" steering wheel and RCD 300

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I got the so called multifunction steering wheel and the "half display" in the dash between the gauges. The stunning this is that I CANNOT change radio stations using the steering wheel buttons, I can only change volume! :confused:
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Yeah I wanted to check that but had no time lol You have the full dash screen or just half of it as me?
That button does not work... The up/down arrows on the right side shuffle thru the gas mileage options, there's no settings menu even when the rcd300 is on. :(
Lol I'm not dumb I know which button you're talking about and as I said it does not work on my car (2.0 tfsi bought second hand). I double checked today, pressing it does nothing (it does not open the settings menu on the dash screen).
well you cant do it then unless you press it on the actual radio. musn't of been wired in when you bought it.

Steph xx
Indeed and it's pretty stupid from VW.
MMh I don't think it was retrofit as it was bought by a VW manager.. However it's a possibility, one never knows.

I will report what you asked but you have to be a bit patient :)
And indeed I got the half display but what's the point in retrofitting that "multifunction" steering wheel if you can't really do anything but change the volume :confused:
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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