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music in eos

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okay guys lets hear it what music are you playing when you have your top dropped so everyone can hear your taste in music? personally we play a mixture of soul , dance, r n b, abit of northern soul etc always has to be lively as slow music in the eos! oh no!
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Hi Folks!

I have been an avid music collector for nearly 35 years, and a radio disc jockey for half as long. So it's very possible that if you pull up next to me at a traffic light you might hear anything that's okay to play from an open air vehicle in public.

Here's some examples: Temptations, Kirk Whalum, Roberta Flack, Duke Ellington, Bread, Nick Kershaw, Wes Montgomery, Isley Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Beatles, Luther Vandross, Vince Guaraldi, Eagles, John Coltrane," Cameo, J.S. Bach, Drifters, Fourplay, India Arie, Sting, Tchaikovsky, Aretha Franklin, Devo, Keith Jarrett, Bonnie Rait, Miles Davis, Screeching Weasel, James Brown, Anita Baker, INXS, Ravel, Weather Report, Jill Scott, Ne-Yo, Robert Cray, Elvis . . . hell, even Neil Sadaka!!

On Wednesday nights I tune into Sirius Gold (500) and listen to B.J. Lubinsky. On Saturday mornings I listen to Spotlight Gold with Youngblood on Kiss 104.1 FM here in Atlanta. Both of these guys are deejays who, like me, have some "skilz" and really know their genres. And it's easy to tell that they have as much fun on the air as I do.

Perhaps the next time I'm in Boston and scheduled to do one of my encore shows I'll post a notice here. Then y'all can pick me up on the Internet and decide for yourselves!
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