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My Convert won't convert

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Well it has happened three times. Just got my 2007 Eos (new 450 miles) about a month ago. There have been three perfect spring weekends in Memphis, TN since then and my convertible top has failed to work on all three. It fixed it self somehow the first time, but I went back to the dealer the following rainy Monday and they could find nothing wrong. It did it once more about two weeks ago and then worked perfectly when I tried it later in the day.

This weekend with sunny skies and temps in the 70's it will not go through the cycle. It gets to the point where the rear deck opens, goes down, sun roof opens, slides back, then the front "posts" do not disengage to complete the process. I get a message "system error". I had a Chrysler Sebring Covert prior to this no problem ever. I love my Eos Turbo2.0 , biege with black leather--so much fun to drive. How embarassing when you cannot get your fancy and expensive car to work.

Has anyone had a similiar problem? I need help. I will be going back to dealer Monday, but very unhappy that I cannot enjoy my car.
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On my 2007 Eos, I have had the left side metal clip that latches the cover onto the pins on either side of the trunk when in the cover is in the lower position come out. When the metal clip is out the cover does not depress a micro switch that is used to sense the cover being down. As a result the Top will not go down. I have been able to push the metal clip back into place with some friendly persuasion, but it popped out for the fourth time last weekend. May try something more drastic next time it pops out like using a little adhesive to help hold it in.

If you have found a U shaped piece of metal on the floor of your trunk about 1" long by 3/4" wide this may be your problem! Good luck.
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