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My Eos has been built

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Received some fab news the other day - my Eos has been built:D !!!! Apparently it is "inter-transfer": somewhere in the chain between factory & the docks awaiting its big 'cruise' to Australia. Estimated pick up by me has been brought forward :D from early November to late September, first week of October at the latest. Just in time to really enjoy the long stretch of summer we are going to have.

Can't wait for my first drive!:D ! I have already got personalised plates for it. So, if you are in Melbourne after September, look out for a candy white Eos with corn-silk beige interior, sat nav, bluetooth, DSG, MY010 model with the numberplate of 'UZZI' (the plate is a reference to a nickname, would have preferred UZI, but that was unavailable).

Looking forward to some great times in my Eos.
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Another white one - seems like more and more people are catching on ... .

Seriously though, looks like perfect timing for top down driving. We've had ours down a few times (as long as it doesn't rain - it really doesn't get too cold in Melbourne not to have it down) but I'm looking foward to those mild evenings. Ren, you'll love it, and hopefully Stimpy will too ;) .

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