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My EOS is Going

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After almost two years of fabulous EDA's. I regret to inform that my EOS is sold and will be picked up by the dealer on Monday. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I have lost my license and must rely on my dear wife for all travel. So, it seems silly to have two card with only one driver. She has three dogs and we need 4 WD in the winter, thus the EOS does not fill the bill. So we traded my EOS, her 4 year old 4 Motion Passat, collected some cash, and acquired a new Tiguan. I will dearly miss the EOS, but guess that's life. It's also been a great trip chatting with the rest of the EOS Club gang! Cheers!
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Hey Fred,

Sorry to hear about your misfortune with the medicos - did you have to undertake a driving test to see if your medical condition really affected your ability to drive?

In my "nanny land" state of NSW, the government licencing authority recently tried to arbitrarily restrict driving rights for our senior citizens including a 10Km [6 mile] limit for those deemed to be still capable of driving even if you lived in the country and faced a 100Km+ trip to the nearest town. Also mooted was a requirement for all senior drivers to display a "S" plate on their vehicle. The resulting rebellion soon put paid to this proposal :D .

The situation now is every driver over 75 has to go for an annual medical test and a driving skills test every two years after they turn 85.

Hopefully, one of the specialist diecast car model makers will include an Eos in their range and you can acquire one to truthfully say you own an Eos :).

Just found one incredibly - available in blue, red and yellow: blue currently showing out-of-stock. The models are made by a French manufacturer NOREV.

NOREV Website [French]:

May be this might ease your conscience to allow you to keep participating even though you have retired from owning a full-size Eos.

Best wishes for the future.
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Thanks Pacemaker!

Went out in the Tiguan today (as a passenger). It is a great little SUV and has many features and toys from the EOS, but just doesn't cut it for overall appeal like the EOS. I wnon't complain tho'!

Hi Fred,

Sorry to hear about the cause of your problem - I trust appropriate medical care and positive thinking on your part will combine to give you the quality of life you desire under the circumstances. Your situation is very similar to a close family member of mine.

I hope you have many opportunities to exploit the advantages of the Tiguan and find the hidden gems of natural beauty that still remain in our world.

"Horses for courses" as they say - the Eos is unbeatable in certain situations as you will find the Tiguan to be in others if you use its capabilities to the fullest. "One door shuts and another opens" has been my life experience and I am certain this will be your experience as well.

Keep posting - I look forward to your posts and the forum benefits from your input.
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