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My EOS is Going

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After almost two years of fabulous EDA's. I regret to inform that my EOS is sold and will be picked up by the dealer on Monday. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I have lost my license and must rely on my dear wife for all travel. So, it seems silly to have two card with only one driver. She has three dogs and we need 4 WD in the winter, thus the EOS does not fill the bill. So we traded my EOS, her 4 year old 4 Motion Passat, collected some cash, and acquired a new Tiguan. I will dearly miss the EOS, but guess that's life. It's also been a great trip chatting with the rest of the EOS Club gang! Cheers!
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Hi Silver Shadow!
Nah ... loss of license is not that simple. I have a brain tumor and doctors prohbit use of auto due to potential seizure.And, heh, I am not that old! I'm still a baby so it's not age related (or DUI!) As much as I don't like it, it is not fair for me to drive and run the risk of injuring another driver! I really feel sorry for my wife .... it is so hard not to be a back seat driver! Don't feel sorry for me .. still driving my ATV on our farm (with caution and at creepy crawly speeds)
Thanks Pat and Gary ..... I will still be around! And probably remain my "prickly"self ! Cheers to you all!
Thanks Pacemaker!

Went out in the Tiguan today (as a passenger). It is a great little SUV and has many features and toys from the EOS, but just doesn't cut it for overall appeal like the EOS. I wnon't complain tho'!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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