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Yesterday 51cm of snow fell ... wet sticky snowman building snow. My new studded Cooper winter tires still at the shop waiting for install Monday. I was hoping for a few small storms to get aquainted with winter.. but no such luck. My findings?
I got stuck in an unplowed parking lot.. I got stuck in an unplowed street.. But where plowed.. the EOS had managable winter driving manners... The good... It has some form of traction control, it has those amazing lights so you can see, It has heated seats and a heater that could allow you to deep fry a turkey... the rear fogger, heated mirrors all worked as they should.... The Bad... The Transmission isn't good for rocking a car from a stuck position.. I hesitated even trying it .. but old habits die hard... The "All Season" OEM 18" tires.. Summer use only.(This isn't a bad thing.. I just delayed too long with the winter tires.. I am not being critical) The rear window.. not a great view through snow. The wipers get chogged up with packed snow easily.. I may change to winter wipers...

Now the reason for my post... I was angry and laughing all at the same time.. I had told myself there would be EOS days in winter.. and to remember the EOS days in summer .. I needed more gas for my snow blower... My car was parked in the street as I wanted to clear the snow from my drive...It had snowed enough to totally bury the car again.. I instinctively popped the trunk to put the gas can in and then go about cleaning off the snow.... I opened the trunk.. and the whole rear window and part of the roof snow cover slid down right into the trunk... boom!.. I now had a trunk full of snow.. I swept the high side parts into the middle.. carefully pulled up the spare tire cover.. and in 2 minutes,, the trunk was free of snow...I will not do that again! It is funny.. and none of my comments are critical.. in fact I passed a couple of stuck four wheel drives going to the gas station.. (It was a very bad storm)

I can't wait to update after a wiper change & my studded 235 45 17 tires are installed. I would rate winter use at this point as 6/10 with a good chance of improving!

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Any CCTV footage of the trunk full of snow? I'd like to see that!:eek:
Anyway, good luck for the rest of the weather you fellas get in the winter and remember to de-ice your side windows before operating the remote, saves the motor struggling if the glass is frozen to the seal.
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