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My New EOS

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I have been around on the forum for a few weeks now, but my car arrived today so here is a photo, before it gets dirty, and one of the new 2009 spec standard stereo, for those who are as sad as me and get excited by that kind of thing!!!



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It does have an Aux in, but it wont do anything fancy like show the Ipod info on the display - just plays the sound through the speakers. I think the full ipod prep has been deleted from the spec now.

I see the website has been updated to show the new specification, but the printed brochures in the dealer are still old (I wanted one to match the car) - I will have to find a reason to pop in to get a brochure in a few weeks.

I didn't know I had new wing mirrors - how exciting I wonder if they make the car go faster :)

I is my second black car - so I know I have a lot of polishing to do, but I find it strangely theraputic :-|

BTW: Nice photoshop work to show the mirrors DOBO!
Nothing has changed with the grill between 2008 and 2009, it is just that I have a standard spec EOS. The crome grill is one of the extras you get on a sport.

I am still playing spot the difference as I drive around, then I have to come home and get the specification list out - very sad :D

If we are plaing "top nerd" then check out the mirror switch and the alarm off button!!!

Tell me you ordered the TDI - the new engine is mega quiet and super smooth - I can see you are in France and I think diesel is the law over there :)

1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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