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My new red toy - Texas

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New Red Toy


Looks great!

Best of luck with her Wanda!

What's the first thing you plan on buying for it?

Things for Eos


Not sure what to get for it. I started looking for stuff online and not finding too much as in upgrades yet. Am going to tint windows this week though. Do you know of any good websites to buy things for the Eos?


Thanks, yep wheels are 17s. :)
The red is very refreshing for some reason. After all the silver and neutral colored Eoses it is nice to see it in red. Two thumbs up!
How comes out in america you have either the indicator or a reflector in front bumper.

Hmm no clue...didn't realize it wasn't like that outside of US.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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