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At 60k miles I wasn't expecting this on my BMM engine, but last November my annual mot tester commented there was a 'small' oil leak and I had started to notice some oil burn smells in the cabin.

I had to do an oil and filter change and with the car on the ramps, went underneath to remove the engine tray. Then I saw quite a lot of black oil working its way from the back edge. :( I'm thinking bad news for turbo seals or EGR diaphragm, both a pig to get at. :confused:

With the tray removed it was the usual story of black oil over the back of the engine block, but its source was not easy to find. After some Googling, the engine valve cover popped up a couple of times. There are 13 T30 screws holding it down to the cyl. head. As I went around with the torx wrench, EVERY screw was finger tight instead of 10Nm. Sounds like a good money earner for the Stealers if that fixes the leak.

I'm not counting my good fortune just yet, but went around tightening them to 12Nm and will wait and see. The gasket is integral with the plastic cover and you have to buy both if required. Another example of V.Ws penchant for sending parts to land fill! :(
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