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Mystery Straps

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I look in the back of the trunk, (by back i mean the side closer to the license plate) I found 2 straps on the inside of the trunk, I'm sure we all have it, but is it design to hold something that I missed? Do you all know what it's for?

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Bit miffed

I take my Eos to Germany a few times a year and am a bit miffed that UK cars don't come fully equipped for the rest of Europe, where the warning triangle is mandatory in many countries. How much do VW gain by omitting this simple bit of kit?

The only complaint I have with my dealer is that my car didn't have euro-standard numberplates when it was delivered, even though they knew that I went across the Channel. To be fair, they changed them gratis immediately I mentioned it.

That triangle

Thanks, I'll give it a try
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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