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Nappa leather pic, anyone?

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I will be getting ordinary Vienna leather on my Eos, but was wondering if it's worth upgrading to Nappa. My dealer said the only difference is that Nappa is perforated, but I can't find any photos on the net. Can anyone help, please?
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I don't think so: all the leather trim vehicles at my local dealer are standard Vienna and they're all non-perforated. He also told me that the Nappa was softer, is this true? TBH, your Nappa leather looks exactly the same as the standard Vienna. This is confusing...

BTW, I lived in Hull for 20 years before I moved to France :)
Don't want to offend anyone here but when i sat in the Eos in the showroom and loved the leather interior it was Vienna (which i have now got) and when i asked the sales guy he said Nappa was "old man's leather"! I know what he means though. I can just imagine an older guy buying one and him saying Nappa is what he wants as opposed the the Vienna leather that is more basic for the "younger" generation!
Hehe, funny story :) I don't mind buying "old man's leather" if it's softer/better looking, etc. but I really need some photos to make up my mind.

Can anyone oblige?
Thanks, guys :) Despite being only 44, I decided to upgrade to the Nappa and have changed my order at the dealer. I think he must have been thinking of the Nappa leather on the Phaeton, because none of the other models in the VW range seem to offer a perforated finish (which I don't care for much anyway).

Thanks again for your input :)
That's it exactly: since upgrading to Nappa from the original Vienna I ordered, I have done some research and seen the different qualities of leather in person. Basically, Nappa is super soft, whereas Vienna has tiny irregular dimples and is 'rougher' to the touch.
I am not misreading the posts whatsoever neh321.

I meant the rear facings of the front seats. The sides and back of my seats are all leather.

Obviously I haven't seen your car, but both the Vienna and Nappa leathers are normally used to cover the seat facings and side cushions only: the side & rear panels (i.e. where the rear passengers' knees touch), as well as the door panel trim are imitation leather, albeit very convincing imitation.
I stand corrected :)
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