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New Buyer's Remorse?

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Not sure how to use the general question area, but here goes:

After searching for two years to change from a Camry to something more suitable for my second childhood, I leased an Eos 2.0 yesterday. Now I'm learning about sticky roofs and leaking doors and trunks. Should I bow out before my 72 hours of grace are over?
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Granny, press on. I just got myeos 3.2 L V6. It is sooooooo much fun to drive, and I have had no leaks at all. If that did happen, you could easily have any seals re done under your warranty. You need to keep the car, it's workth it. I live in VA and lots of rain, no problem so far. I really love this car.


1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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