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New EOS in Brisbane

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Well it has taken 8 months but my new EOS has finally arrived and happily cruising around Brisvegas (that's Brisbane to us locals).

I'm very happy with its handling and features considering it is a base model TDI, turbo diesel with manual gearbox. The over-speed warning has come in handy :)

The car is getting some glances at the shopping mall carpark. Probably because it looks like a BMW but sounds like a Massey-Furguson tractor :D

Happy motoring,


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Good to hear. I've seen 2 other red, 1 silver and what appears to be, a metallic chocolate coloured Eos around Brisvegas. Having a turbo diesel, I'm enjoying the highway fuel economy (5 litres per 100km) and the ongoing torque at high rpms which is handy on the highway.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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