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New EOS in Brisbane

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Well it has taken 8 months but my new EOS has finally arrived and happily cruising around Brisvegas (that's Brisbane to us locals).

I'm very happy with its handling and features considering it is a base model TDI, turbo diesel with manual gearbox. The over-speed warning has come in handy :)

The car is getting some glances at the shopping mall carpark. Probably because it looks like a BMW but sounds like a Massey-Furguson tractor :D

Happy motoring,


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She looks great in red Jonesy. Yet another one we will have to look out for when we get out there this Xmas. Must remember to start calling the place Brisvegas ! Will keep an eye out for you when we are in Surfer's. Congrats again. Gary
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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