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New Eos in Melbourne

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After a long 6 month wait, my Eos finally arrived last weekend, hooray!!!

I've been without it almost all of this week though, just got it back yesterday. I noticed on delivery there was a paint chip and some bubbling on the corner of the boot, as a result the car was taken back and the whole boot resprayed, which Im not impressed about, but very happy to have it back now and enjoying the sunny weekend.

Ive attached some pics, they're not the greatest shots, just in our front yard. The red leather looks a bit bright but in actual fact is much darker in 'real life'.

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum, Ive only posted a few times but have been watching regularly seeing what everyone says, its been and no doubt will continue to be a wealth of info :)


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Like the wheels - they are the same as mine! Question - do you have small plastic guard extensions in the front and rear wheel wells?
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