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2009 Komfort, Eismer Blue, gray interior, 6 speed. (Love that 6 speed!!)

We picked it up on May 20-- I've got 1200 miles on it already.

The only option I bought was the floormats and the bluetooth integration. My dealer had to get the car from another dealer, and it came through with the 17 inch wheels on it. I tried them for the weekend, and ended up taking it back and had them put the factory standard 16 inch wheels back on. The ride is better, and I don't feel that I've lost anything in the handling.

Other convertibles we considered: Saab 93, Miata, Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang, Toyota Solara.

The VW 66 month 0% financing made the purchase decision easy, too!

So far, everything has been great-- no oil consumption , etc.
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Congrats on the new car - sounds like you have exactly the same version we have. We got ours with minimal options, too. It came with floormats and the iPod adapter (which I promptly took out and replaced with an aux-in).

The six-speed is certainly nice. I was a little worried that it might be a little sloppy because it's a cable shifter (unlike my CRX's rod linkage), but no worries - it's surprisingly tight.

After hearing about your experience with the 17" wheels, I'm glad we didn't opt for the larger size. My wife already complains about the crappy roads around here, and shorter sidewalls would have exacerbated things!
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