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2009 Komfort, Eismer Blue, gray interior, 6 speed. (Love that 6 speed!!)

We picked it up on May 20-- I've got 1200 miles on it already.

The only option I bought was the floormats and the bluetooth integration. My dealer had to get the car from another dealer, and it came through with the 17 inch wheels on it. I tried them for the weekend, and ended up taking it back and had them put the factory standard 16 inch wheels back on. The ride is better, and I don't feel that I've lost anything in the handling.

Other convertibles we considered: Saab 93, Miata, Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang, Toyota Solara.

The VW 66 month 0% financing made the purchase decision easy, too!

So far, everything has been great-- no oil consumption , etc.
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