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I've been enjoying my Candy White and Cornsilk Beige Eos Komfort for two weeks now. I'm now looking for ways to lengthen my eartly morning drive into work since it is done with the top down. FL afternoon thunderstorms prevent that on the ride home.

I have a couple questions about some accessories but I'll start those in the appropriate location.

Funny story. I saw my first Eos on Thursday afternoon, did my comparison shopping on Friday and bought it on Saturday. The next Thursday while driving between work buildings it started stalling and missing so bad I ended up at the dealers with my 5 day old car wondering if I'd made a mistake (this being my first foreign car after 30 years of buy American). After a day testing everything, the tech. decided it was due to a loose connector. Not too unusual, I guess. The really funny part was that right after I told my wife about the problem and that I would be bringing a rental home that night, she gets a call from someone @ VW of USA doing a marketing survey. Boy did he get an earfull. He then gets on the phone to my dealer who then calls me (the service mgr.) falling all over himself making sure I'm happy, or at least not too upset. Maybe they'll continue to think I know someone and give me great service.

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