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Aloha! Just picked up an '08 Eos Komfort last weekend and found this forum straight away. I've always thought the Eos was a cool car so when I was looking for a third vehicle for our family (my daughter just got a job and needs to be able to drive herself to work) and saw the Eos for sale I was immediately interested. Plus, it was pretty cheap by Hawaii standards. There were definitely reasons this car turned out to be cheap!
The previous owner told me it was in "perfect condition" and then started with the list of 'Oh yeah, except for..." I was told it had 'just' developed a small leak at the A-pilar and 'the turbo doesn't work.' She said the turbo hadn't worked for a couple of years. As a former mechanic, and after some searches on this forum, I figured it was most likely a diverter valve problem.
I went to look at it and discovered there were actually many things wrong with it like a broken tail light, loose air intake, loose air filter housing, broken washer fluid tank, soft brakes, and the fan speed knob seemed to have a mind of its own. I probably should have walked away, but I really wanted it. Turns out it was in worse shape than I thought. Tons of missing and broken hardware under the hood (I think the previous mechanic was a total hack) and water POURS in at the A-pilar. It will take some work, but I think it'll end up being a great car, especially for some top-down cruising here on the island. Yesterday I spent 3 hours cleaning the seals and all of the plugged drains. They were terrible! I think the one thing that I'm concerned about is the electrical. Not only does the fan control knob bounce all over the place but so do the temp knobs and the wipers when they are on. I'm thinking some water probably got into the dash at some point.
I haven't taken any of my own pictures of it yet, but I'll post the pics that were on FB Marketplace when I bought it. I'm looking forward to posting some of the stuff I do to it here. I've definitely found this site amazingly helpful already.
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Like all used cars if maintenance is poor, 2nd/3rd owner will pay a ton of money !! In EOS case you add the cost of the roof!! So EOS needs extra attention / pre purchase inspection. Hope you find easy and low cost solutions.
So far things have gone pretty well. It's been through a couple of good rain storms since cleaning the drain lines and no leaks. Although I did find out the couplers for the drain lines in the A-pillars were leaking. Someone had siliconed them at one point, but like everything on this car, half-assed the job. I removed the old stuff and replaced it with Flex Seal.

I also replaced the diverter valve. The old one had oil coming out of the plug and came out in pieces. That made a massive difference in the way the car drives! It used to have a huge hole in power when it shifted into second, but not anymore.

The power mirror switch also had to be replaced as the old one had the knob broken off. It was less than $20 for a Dorman replacement from Amazon and works great.

One unexpected fix since my post was the ignition cylinder. My key got stuck in it last week a couple of. times and discovered that's a common thing on VWs in general. It's a really good thing that this forum and YouTube are around to help me out with all of this stuff! lol.

Probably the best thing I've done since getting the car was turning off the ATA Confirm honk when locking. Ugh! It took me a couple weeks to figure that one out, but it's so nice to not hear that honk.
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