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New owner in San Clemente, California

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Hi all, I just bought an Eos this evening.

Eos had always been on the list for a new car, but the price: :eek:! ... then ...

Two days ago, I saw a 2008 with 7000 miles on it for $21k at a dealership.
Test drove it yesterday.
Bought it this evening as the sun went down.
Getting home, I saw all of Orion up there in the stars...
I've never had a convertible, I think I'm going to like this. :)

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Thanks, I looked at this forum prior to buying it and it influenced my decision. Y'all seem to have good enthusiasm for the car, while also having a realistic attitude toward its problems.

I'll log on again this evening and look for threads on what to look out for, and maybe one on modifications which provide the most benefit without breaking the bank or the warranty. ;)

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