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Hi all,

Just got myself an '07 2.0 TDI Individual with 32k on the clock, she's running beautifully, only has two little niggles (some corrossion on one front left wing-mirror and leaks a little bit from the rear right window), otherwise all fine. I'm taking her in to the dealership tomorrow to see whether the issues will be covered by warranty (I expect so, but you never know.)

Was expecting to find an AUX-IN plug in the glove box, but alas none there. :confused: Didn't bother to check bf I got her, but from what I hear it can be installed fairly inexpensively. Dealer quoted £9 over the phone, but I wonder whether that was just for the cable, w/o install. I'm not sure where an AUX-IN jack would be installed and how it would happen?

All else is fine. Really, really pleased. :D :D :D

Cheers, Ian
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Just had both of my mirrors replaced a week ago under warranty. Just hope the new ones don't go the same way.
Hmmm on way home now to check my bloody mirrors - knowing my luck mine are about ready to fall off! :mad: :rolleyes:
Does that means you havn't checked your makeup recently? :D
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