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Hi Guys

Have just placed the order for my new EOS and now in countdown mode.

The car is a birthday present from my husband and is being delivered around the 5th November, said I cant have it before then (mean b**ger, luv him really). will post pictures when he finally hands it over, balloons and all knowing him.

Quick observation.*****
We travel the motorways most weekends, and as yet we have not seen one EOS on the road, rare as rocking horse manure or what?.
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Oh i'm sure you can work on him, and you have probably already started lol
Your husband stuck to his guns on you not getting your car before your birthday eh? lol.
Well you are on the final stretch of your wait, I am sure you will love it. Keep us posted. Hope all goes to plan.
Well was it worth the wait???? lovely car, your hubby is an absolute star.

PS. The colour of the carpet in the garage needs to be changed, red would be quite apt, would contrast with the paint work a treat lol.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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