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Hi Guys

Have just placed the order for my new EOS and now in countdown mode.

The car is a birthday present from my husband and is being delivered around the 5th November, said I cant have it before then (mean b**ger, luv him really). will post pictures when he finally hands it over, balloons and all knowing him.

Quick observation.*****
We travel the motorways most weekends, and as yet we have not seen one EOS on the road, rare as rocking horse manure or what?.
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Sangus wrote
Your husband really loves u
It's the only way he can keep me out of his Jag;) ;)

Now you have made me nervous::eek: :eek:

All this talk of late deliveries is not doing good things for my complexion and the skin under my eyes.

We ordered early (20 weeks) just to be on the safe side, but it would appear that this tactic may not be sufficient especially as we plan to go away in the car for the weekend of my birthday.

I’m tempted to run a poll to try and gauge the average delivery time, but this may only make matters worse, think I’ll leave alone especially as my nails are already low.

Typical isn’t it, after posting last Sunday and stating that visibility of the car is as rare as rocking horse poo, we traveled over to Coventry and Guess what; we saw 2 silver EOS’s on the M69, one on the way out and the other on the way back (different Reg No’s) is that sods law or what. Still it does prove that they are out there!!.
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Got the call today that the car is confirmed for the pre agreed date.

Dealer asked if I would like the car early, "like now" but the hubbie said no, giving the reason that if I got the car before my birthday he would only have to buy me another present so that I had something to unwrap on the day. So I’ve had to bite my lip and decline. I think the sadistic streak in him is coming out!!

What do you guys think:- accept that he's mean or try some more persuasion?:mad: :confused:
It's been a long time coming but we are now in countdown mode. (ordered in May). Only 5 days 10 hours to go, 35 hours of restless sleep hours and the car will be delivered to the door.
Have had the dealer confirm that everything is in place, insurance etc and that the personal plate is fitted (** EOS).

AS soon as I have come down from the clouds I will take some Pics to show you.
This last week will go slower than the last few months.
:) :) :)
jamcar wrote

Your husband stuck to his guns on you not getting your car before your birthday eh? lol.
Well you are on the final stretch of your wait, I am sure you will love it. Keep us posted. Hope all goes to plan.
Latest update on sadistic hubby.

Car arrived at 09:15am this morning as planned (he had dispatched me for the day with my mate) and duly placed in garage away from prying eyes, however he has given me the manual to read which in it's self is torture as I am unable to get to the car to try things out until Monday 5th (birthday date).
He keeps telling me about this and that and how it looks but will not let me peek in the garage, so I am contemplating a raid during the night but it would not surprise me if he hasn’t put a booby trap some where.

Car is complete "apparently" bar for the Sat Nave DVD which according to the dealer is dot supplied by the manufacture but by the dealer themselves and they have stated that their supplier is behind on sending them out, they have guaranteed to have it delivered by Tuesday (6th) but I'm not holding my breath.:( :(
Thanks Skidoo and Rex for the best wishes.

If I know Pete it will take me half an hour to get the bunting and balloons off the car. :eek: I will take some photo's of the adornment just to show you how silly (lovable) he is.

Best of luck for Tuesday Skidoo, (just read your thread on Q&A) hope it arrives on time and in good order

Catch you Monday/Tuesday.:D :D :D
Hi guys

As promised just a couple of photo's to show what a big softie the old man is, as suspected the car was adorned with balloons and ribbon.
Been out in it all day and getting some really weird looks, personally I cant see anything wrong in driving around with the hood down, black clouds overhead and the temperature just above double figures, fantastic, (Pete’s still thawing out).

Good look for Saturday Gary, hope the weather holds up.

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Thanks for all your good wishes.
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