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Hi Guys

Have just placed the order for my new EOS and now in countdown mode.

The car is a birthday present from my husband and is being delivered around the 5th November, said I cant have it before then (mean b**ger, luv him really). will post pictures when he finally hands it over, balloons and all knowing him.

Quick observation.*****
We travel the motorways most weekends, and as yet we have not seen one EOS on the road, rare as rocking horse manure or what?.
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It's been a long time coming but we are now in countdown mode. (ordered in May). Only 5 days 10 hours to go, 35 hours of restless sleep hours and the car will be delivered to the door.
Have had the dealer confirm that everything is in place, insurance etc and that the personal plate is fitted (** EOS).

AS soon as I have come down from the clouds I will take some Pics to show you.
This last week will go slower than the last few months.
:) :) :)
Hi CPC. Good Luck with your car. My dealer says I should be able to take delivery of mine weekend of the 10th November so am getting pretty anxious now. Looking at this thread it would seem that there could be a few of us for a possible meet maybe before Xmas in the East Midlands area. Simon has organised two meets at TGI's Watford so far, which is a bit of a way to go for us, but perhaps TGI'S Coventry is just of the motorway and pretty easy to get to. Will bring this up again once mine has arrived and see if there would be any takers.
Good Luck for Monday CPC. Don't spoil the suprise before then, enjoy the anticipation!!!!
CPC. Well you wont believe this, about 1pm today our dealer rang and said did I want the EURO nbr plates when they come to putting them on. Then just in passing he said ' oh by the way your car is here, Did you want to come and see it ?' Did I !! Lunch was abandoned and 15 mins later we were in the show room (well their holding bay out back actually) taking photo's of the car still half covered in while plastic. Even so she looked fantastic and so much bigger than I had imagined. Anyway pick up next Saturday as planned and off for the first of many EDA's. Can't wait for the next meet so we can join in. Think we will have to organise a meet up this way as I suggested in one of the other posts, as there would seem to be quite a few of us up this way now. Good luck for tomorrow, by the way the Red Nappa looks even better than I had hoped for. Will get the wife to see if she can download some photo's later.
Happy Birthday CPC. Car and Balloons look fantastic. Bet you felt an idiot driving around with all the balloons flapping in the breeze tho !!
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