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New Peugeot 308CC gets airscarf. When for Eos?

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Saw this today. The forthcoming Peugeot 308CC - one of the Eos' competitors in Europe - will be getting the option of an SLK-like airscarf.

VW please take note. I would like this feature on the Eos Mk2, please :)

Personally, I think those seats are a bit OTT for a Peugeot, but the airscarf is a great idea (albeit a nicked one) :)
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Its a peugeot need we say more?

I looked at all the other hard top convertible around before i chose the eos, i test drove the renault megane, 307cc, 206cc and the astra twintop.

And it was nothing compared to the eos, im not really that bothered about keeping my neck warm i'd wear a scarf if i was that bothered :)

Steph xx
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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