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New scirocco, opinions?

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what do you think?
would you consider changing your eos for it?
personally i am waiting to see it in the metal before making my mind up as its supposed to look better
i love the front end and would like to see that on the eos but the back is my only concern, sciroccos of old had a sweeping tailgate where as the new one looks like an ordinary hatchback. reminds me of a 90s mitsubushi colt!
cant fault the inside though as its the same as the eos :) nicer dsg gearlever as well and more standard kit
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As VW claims not to be bringing the Scirocco I suppose I shouldnt have much to say. However I see the car as only a mild variation of a GTI. I liked the first Scirocco. Rumors were that the new Scirocco may be the new look for VW cars to follow. I hope not. I definitely would not trade the Eos for it.
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