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New Sound System for Eos

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Hi I just ordered a new sound system with 7" color touch screen from Ebay seller jithk for $454 USD including shipping to USA from Hong Kong. It is supposed to be exact fit for VW Eos, etc. with support for the OEM Steering Wheel buttons. Its features include World Radio including US AM/FM, audio and video playback supporting Divx/DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/AVI/JPGE/MPEG4 disc formats plus support for Ipod, both video and audio content playback, and with built in Bluetooth hands free support for cell phones. They also make a version with GPS built in for $200 more but I already have a great Magellan dash top GPS with voice command so went with this one without the GPS. It is from Audiosources Electronic Technology Shenzhen China. Their web site is I am not sure what I am getting as their web site does not show any model without GPS. It may just be same hardware without the WinCE GPS software included, guess I will find out once it gets here. *** Updated, the unit I received was made last September and seems to be a discontinued model. The iPOD control did not work with my iPOD touch and the AM radio did not work. I don't recommend this unit based on my experience ***

It appears that this has no interface for a satelite radio module but I will find out once it gets here. *** Updated, I can confirm that this head unit has no interface for a head unit controlled sat radio module, the OEM VW one or any other for that matter ***

I hope this will be an good option for the rest of us who want to upgrade our factory sound system but keep the factory look - but don't want to spend the $2000 USD to replace our sound system with the current VW MFD3 system. *** Updated, this one was disappointing, was not a good option for upgrading the standard VW OEM head unit. ***
My current sound system in my Eos is the standard Eos Premium Sound System with the internal CD changer, with the VW OEM Sirius head unit controlled sat. radio module under the front passenger seat.

I will add more posts to this thread with photos once I receive this system and get it installed into my Eos. I have attached the stock ebay photo of the front of the unit.


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I'm interested in hearing how this works out for you. All of the VW audio techs I've talked to (from dealers to independants) have cautioned against any switch from the cars individual factory equipment. Some issue with the harness and computer interface bla bla bla. Please let us know how goes after you get it hooked up.
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