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New to Boards - Anyone have an issue with tire pressure light?

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Hi All,
I LOVE my EOS and so excited to find this board. I saw the EOS at the car show in Denver in 2007 & ordered it the first chance I got in Aug 2007. 2.0 T, 6 speed, Paprika red, cornsilk, sports package, nav system, ipod connection... Totally worth the six month wait and my baby is a year old this month. Its the best car I ever owned and so much fun!

I parked outside on one of the first cold days this year and my tire pressure light went on. I've had it looked at several times and the answer is always the same "its because of the change in temperature and add some air to the tires" But the light never goes off or the mechanic turns it off and its on again the next day.

Anyone else run into this problem? Last winter I was parked outside for seven weekends straight of snow and never had the issue...
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When you start the car, does the tire sensor light come on and stay on or does it flash for a minute?

I ask because I work in and industry that supplies these sensors. They are notoriously faulty (the sensors). It could be the sensor needs to be replaced.
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