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new to site

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new to this site

its not been long since i collected my new car and i have to say i love it!!!!!!

thought i would drop a line an say hi to you all
:) :) :)
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its 2.0 tdi red leather elec seats heated, island grey with sat nav (dvd) lux pack winter pack ,multi cd, multi steering 18 alloys (scuffed one already):mad:
Welcome to the site.

Many people have been through the pain of scuffing the Chicago's. I did it the first weekend I got the car and felt miserable for a week.

Keep an eye out on eBay. I picked up a mint condition wheel for £40 and had it switched over last weekend. I'll send the original off for repair now and keep it as a full size spare in the garage.
I wouldn't buy the replica's. I would only replace with a genuine VW wheel. I've seen half a dozen or so on eBay in the last year, but chose to hold out for one that was close by so I could pick it up personally.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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