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Hi everybody...I'm Steve from New Jersey. Currently driving a 2001 Sebring Convertible with 190k miles on it, and soon (hopefully, before the next repair) I'll be the proud owner an Eos. Almost bought one today!

At $33k, though, it's a bit out of reach for me; and a used one is hard to find--and, well, used! Today a VW salesman pitched the idea of leasing, but I drive 25,000 miles a year, where most people say leasing is a bad option. But this guy says leasing actually is best for high-mileage drivers, who depreciate their cars the most, and can turn them in scott-free at the end of the term.

I'm not totally convinced leasing doesn't end up more expensive in the long run (and I do hope to have a long run with this car) but it may be the only way I can get into an Eos now.

I'm hoping someone/anyone here can offer me information, opinions, advice, encouragement. And hoping that before very long, I can really be a card-carrying member of this club!

Glad to be here,

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I actually just bought a used Eos about a week ago. It was an 08 with only 3,000 miles on it. I got it for 24K. I actually got it off of a BMW lot. Keep an eye out on all car lots, you might be suprised!

From the sounds of it though, people really dont like to give theirs up, unless its to trade up (my car was traded in along with a 4runner for a beamer). So good luck!
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