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Not long now

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Just waiting for shipping and delivery dates.

In the meantime I must apologise for drooling over every Eos I've seen since I placed my order. Hope it didn't mark the paint. I'm affraid it was me the other evening ddlweb (Dragon Green GTi).

Sems like we might actually get some summer after all. Looking forward to the first topless motoring since my Spitfire 30-odd years ago.

Be seeing you

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Hi Rickeos
Your playing the agonising Eos waiting game eh?
My dealer rings me every Tuesday as this is the day he says his computer gets updated on Eos activity, so could be worth a phone call in the morning to see if you have some news.
I was looking at a link someone had posted earlier for accessories and one of them was a cover for the Eos, maybe worth you having a lil look if you think your baby is going to be shat upon by every gull in the southend area eh?
You have gone very quiet of late, hows it going have you got your Eos yet. hope all is going well, come on keep us posted we love sharing each others Eos' experiences.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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