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Now's the time to buy an Eos...

1894 Views 5 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  akselsoft least in the States. I just noticed on the Edmunds website that VW has dropped their financing even further - you can get 5-yr loans for 0%. Here I thought we did good with a 3.9% loan! Even with summer approaching, at least in the Mid-Atlantic region there still seems to be a good supply on the lots. VW's dealer inventory search function is a great help - find what you want and deal directly with the dealer who has the car. Dealer trades hurt your bargaining position.

When we bought our car a month ago, I first obtained a fantastic price from an out-of-town dealer's internet sales guy. We were prepared to make the drive to buy the car. Fortunately, a local dealer had eight or nine Eos on the lot at the time, and he didn't take long to match the price. Same car optioned out the way we liked it, a six-speed Komfort with as little options as possible. Our particular car had been on the lot since last fall (inspection sticker gave it away). Which reminds me, I need to get the Krytox out...
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We've leased for 48 mos in Canada with 2.9% but the Cndn 0% offer ends in June
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