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official Eos spotting Etiquette is it ?

Official Eos spotting Etiquette ?

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What is the official Eos spotting Etiquette ?

A) Is it a flash of the lights …trying to stay cool and unimpressed:cool:
B) A nod … ;)
C) Wave like mad !:D

Please ignore the "A) is it a " on the poll copy and paste error(lazy) that i cant edit (help)
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I waived too!

Aloha All,
It was a great, clear, and sunny day in Honolulu, Hawaii! I made the mistake of waiving, on to find out as I got closer, it was a convertible Chrysler Sebring! Oops! They waived back anyway! Did VW copy Chrysler? Did Chrysler copy VW?
Same Headlights

Hey, come on! If you can't tell the difference between an Eos and a crappy Sebring, go see your eye doctor for glasses! You'll need then anyway when you renew your driver's license.

From my experience in Hawaii, I think 99.9% of the Sebrings are rental car with tourists. They probably thought you were just a friendly native giving them an Aloha!
I am not blind, and am not in need of glasses. Show some class!
Appology Accepted!

Sorry Lopaka...

I was just kidding about your eyesight. However, I do think Sebrings are crappy with what's out there today. Back in '95 when there were only a couple of convertibles available, Sebrings were OK for a sunny ride IF you didn't have a '95 Mustang convertible. I was over in Hawaii in Jan '96 and rented a Sebring. When it broke down after a day, Alamo gave me a Mustang.

I liked it so much I bought one as soon as I got home and kept it up until last November when I discovered the Eos.
We all just love our cars. Hope to keep it for a long time. Fun factor, style, and heck, Bmws and Mercedes a dime a dozen in Hawaii.:D
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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