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Oh dear. I think I've got it bad...

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Had my first EOS dream last night but unfortunately it wasn't a very pleasant one...

We had just picked up the car and I let me brother drive it. I was telling him to push it hard around a bend and that the ESP would help it to stick to the road like glue.

He then apparently lifted off of the gas and hit a wall sideways just hard enough to do quite a bit of damage to my precious less than one hour old EOS.

We then spoke to the dealer who said that it wasn't because he lifted off the gas but because he had floored it at the wrong moment.

Then I woke up and for a few moments hoped that it wasn't true before realising it was all a dream! :confused:

Does anyone know of an anti-dreaming pill??:eek:
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It should all come to an end when you take delivery! Should not be long now! Hang in there, Gavin!
I'm sure it wasn't a premonition but just it case don't trust anyone else to drive your new wheels.

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