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oil for 2.0 tfsi

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my eos has 5000km and was serviced at 3700km (2 years). On the service check list the long life oil control is checked, however now the oil is at the minimum level. Do you think this consuption is normal and which oil do you recommend for the 147Kw engine? The manual only states VW codes...
Do you recommend to go to VW so they can add long life oil (thus falling in the vw "trap")?

Thank you
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Thanks cb, actually I don't know if they really filled the oil last time. I should have checked the level far more frequently I know... Anyway I don't plan to change the oil myself but just to fill it. Since I don't know exactly which oil type was used maybe the best idea is to go to Vw and ask for an oil change (this time I will check oil type and level myself).
Anyway here the long life oil change is planned every 4 years or 60000 Km...
The Shell Helix Ultra VX 5W-30 is said to be specific for VW maybe I'll put that or the Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 which in any case meets VW specs
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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